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Market Update Boulder CO Real Estate and
Surrounding Communities including Estes Park
Instead of typically rehashing Boulder and the surrounding communities monthly and annual statistics, it’s time, in my opinion, to perhaps save you potential buyers some money with regard to loss of an earnest money deposit.  So…what are the major ways in which earnest money can be nonrefundable to a buyer?
1.  You waive your contract contingencies regarding financing and/or property inspection to make your purchase offer more attractive to the seller.  My recommendation is that the buyer initially obtain conditional loan approval and not waive the inspection contingency, unless the property is a “tear down”.
2.  You ignore specific dates and timelines within the contract; i.e., financing, property inspection, and availability at closing.  Contract dates are binding.
3.  You simply change your mind.  Please remember, the earnest money deposit serves as protection for the sellers when they take their property off the market.  If you decide you no longer want the property, they can retain your earnest money as compensation for the time and money they now have to spend on listing their home again as “Active” and searching for another buyer.
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Chinese Investors to the US
Two factors are driving the outbound cash of wealthy Chinese investors to the US.  First, US property is considered a safe haven for Chinese cash and second, to secure a western high quality education for their children.  Many parents are buying apartments in college towns for their children.

Exceptional Opportunity for the Sports Enthusiast

peak to peak best front elevation Custom Mountain Home
l98f63845-c4xd-w640_h480_q80 Ice Hockey Arena

Custom mountain home (4,848 fin sq ft) and ice hockey arena/equipment facility (11,952 sq ft) on 43 pristine and level acres…spring-fed pond…adjacent to National
Forest…near Boulder/Nederland CO…only a few minutes to Eldora Ski Resort.  Just click for more photos, Property Description, Panoramic Tours, and Map…offered at $3,450,000.   

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