November 28, 2017
Did Everyone Have A Nice Thanksgiving?  Christmas Is A Coming…

The Nick Of Time by Jack Sorenson – Artist
   Reasons To List During The Winter Months
   1 . The property’s selling price is set by the seller.  Nope, the selling price 
        is set by market conditions.
   2.  Overpricing a home results in a higher selling price.  Probably will result
        in a lower sales price due to eventual market stagnation.
   3.  Overpricing a property leaves room for negotiation.  A potential buyer is
        more likely to walk away altogether, rather than even trying to negotiate.
   4.  The longer the time on the market, the better the offers.  Actually, the
        longer on the market the more likely lower offers will be presented.
   5.  A quick offer means the property was priced too low.  A correctly priced
        property will immediately draw attention of “hot” buyers who have been
        scanning the market non-stop for the past few weeks.
   6.  The real estate agent who provides the highest price believes in my
        property the most.  Sometimes real estate agents in need of new business 
        will price properties high during the interview to secure the listing agreement.
   7.  The seller will net more at closing with the real estate agent with the lowest
        commission.  Therefore, will the agent have a lower marketing budget?  Will
        the property be exposed to fewer buyers?  Save a percent or two and lose
        5% to10% off the selling price?  Hmmm.
   8.  The house will sell itself!  No, it won’t!
ESTES PARK STATISTICS (January 1, 2017 through October 31, 2017)
   Average Sales Price           +6.9% 
    Median Sales Price            +5.7%
    Sold Listings                        +6.9%
    New Listings                      +10.0%
by various real estate agents and companies…
CASTLE ROCK – 714 Golf Club Drive – $1,875,000
7975 Total Sq Ft – Built 2007 – 0.72 Acre
DENVER – 2821 E Cedar Ave – $2,395,000
5714 Total Sq Ft – Built 2017 – 0.15 Acre
ESTES PARK – 2864 E Highway 36 – $3,590,000
5691 Total Sq Ft – Built 2001 – 160 Acres
GOLDEN – 100 Sander Rd – $1,199,000
2807 Total Sq Ft – Built 2002 – 16.53 Acres
LITTLETON – 6 Mourning Dove Ln – $1,275,000
6805 Total Sq Ft – Built 1989 – 0.50 Acre
PARKER – 8685 Witez Ct – $2,995,000
13,239 Total Sq Ft – Built 2009 – 5.92 Acres
LONGMONT – 1547 Onyx Circle – $1,000,000
6552 Total Sq Ft – Built 2003 – 0.66 Acre


LAFAYETTE – 1767 Casey Ct – $1,095,000
5564 Total Sq Ft – Built 1999 – 0.28 Acre

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